The Courageous One

The Courageous One
The short story of a man's great sacrifice.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Short Stories & Essays"
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The Courageous One
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Historical-Fiction, Romance
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Wow, I am overwhelmed and deeply moved at the same time. I could really picture it, I felt their pain, I was on the ship with them. You are really gifted in writing! And it is so wonderfully romantic, so beautiful and touching!

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E.K. Perkins

I really really really loved this. You are always writing with so much emotion, and I could imagibe myself being aboard the cold ship as it sunk, looking back at the man I loved for the last time. I imagined rain drops pelting my body, adding to tears. Thanks for sharing this on Bookrix :)

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I thought this was written with a understanding heart and a sensitive pen
It is sad but still a compelling read
an interesting story
Very moving
Well done

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Cover, story, your words... so heartfelt... wish I could give two hearts!!!

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Wow! I am not a big fan of the romance genre, but I love your portrayal of this event from her point of view. You put the reader right there with her. Great grammar as well.

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Loved it. Like I said, I hardly read, but there was something kinda magical about this. :)
You write amazingly .

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