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A drive of the cliff

Never drike and drink Von:
User: Kearah W
A drive of the cliff

This is about twins meeting twins and thy loved ecother to death,littrally to death.In this book Jessica and her twin just turned 20 and wanted to go to the bar in the farriari.When they got there they met the love of there life with was also twins,Logan and Jake.They drank a lot,and got drunk.They thoght it would be cool to drive,really fast as fast as they can go wich was 150 mph they wanted to go on this "bumpy road" wich was really grass and bumps,and a cliff.The next thing that Jesse noticed was that they were flying,and hit the ground really hard.She passed out.When she woke up,she tryed to wake up Jake her boy friend,but he would not wake up,then she tried to wake up Logan, her twin,Jesse's boy luck.Then she tried her twin and she was alive,barlie.


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Kearah W

Im sorry if it is bad this is my first book!

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