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All along, Avery has been sick... and when they finally figure it out, it is too late. Devin finds a way to save her, but is it worth the cost? Changing his whole life over for one girl... This girl is the love of his life, so it should be....

A fantasy twist with shadow creatures and a war behind it all, that's wrecking the balance.

This portion of the book has been edited SO many times, so it is in good condition.

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Do you have this book posted anywhere else my pc sudenly started hating this website and wont let me read anything

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...for thanking me. I don't mind if people tell me to get lost, but most of the time i get nothing. It's nice to be acknowledged.

Yep, the cover stinks. LOL

An honor junior. Wow!


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Thanks, I do get that a lot from my friends. They never explain how to fix it though. That was helpful. The first few chapters aren't as good as the rest, since I got into it later on. Thank you for the grammar kudos. I really do try on that. I'm just a honors Junior in high school. haha

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Is that a pseudonym? I seem to recognize the writing.

Okay, I'm going to give you some lesson in certain writing techniques, which you can either take or leave. Up to you.

I get the impression you have a love of story-telling and that you have a real talent for it. Your grammar is excellent, better than a lot I come across. Better than mine! It was hard for me to find fault.

Your essential problem is how you are formatting your... mehr anzeigen

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I have been working on this for like forever. I don't really move on till I'm sure it's edited enough.

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