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Tattered Wings

book 1 Von:
Tattered Wings
As far as Ariella knows, she is the only one with wings. She doesn't know very much about her kind, till she meets James. He is just like her. James tells her of the battle between Humans and the Kellopands (Kel-o-pands). How most of them we're wiped out. Now there is only two. And the Humans are out to get them. Will they survive?

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Tattered Wings"
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Tattered Wings
book 1
wings, fly, free, sad, lonely, love, fantasy, fairy, girl
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James Gerard

That is one great start to a story. I can't wait for what follows.

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Thanks. Glad you like it so far.

James Gerard

I am expecting to you deliver on that great beginning: I want to see vengeance.

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