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A Convict's Lover

User: duckyt27
A Convict's Lover
Julie Mortoff is the daughter of a man who has blocked his heart off from everyone. Even her. Her father runs a farm that is worked by the workers hired. Some are paid workers or convicts working through their sentence. Some are there for life, others a few years, others longer.

But when Julie comes across a very attractive runaway convict she tried to protect him from the law and things tend to heat up between them; and not from the heat of Austrailia. But can their love survive or will it be forgotton as they both head down their own dangerous roads?

Please comment!!!
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Just finished reading. It was amazing. Please consider a warning though? I had no idea there would be rape or anything so disturbing. I almost stopped reading it but realized that the story wasn't creating the strong reaction in me, but the anger toward Julia's abusers. I continued reading because you're work was beautiful. Art exists for one purpose. To make a reaction and stir something in the reader. Congrats. You have... mehr anzeigen

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OMG OMG OMG I was hooked from the first page, this is truly amazing. I just wish that Daniel didn't have his beautiful long hair cut off. Thats saddening :)

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lol thanks. its not finished yet. Its a little problem that I have. when I get to the end of a book I get writer's block n it takes a while to get myself to finish it. I will eventually finish it.

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this book was really good, but it was also depressing. just saying

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I know it kinda is but not all books can be about pretty flowers and happy endings lol


True :)

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Gelöschter User

awwwwwweeeeesommmmmme!!!!!! \o/

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Hey can someone plz check out my one book:

The Omnipotence Of Vampires

It hasnt even gotten one click. Grrr. Lol. Please n Thank you

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