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Getting in my Head

An Epic Poem Von:
Getting in my Head
Dana is angry at her ex for what he's done to her in the past. It's time to avenge her humanity. This poem is all about the "process of elimination". The elimination of a monster, that is.

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I thought the poem was well written, and I appreciate the imagination that went into the torture of the man. I must say though, I didn't personally entire see why it was written as a poem, or at least in poem form. I think it could maybe use some editing to increase how well the words all flow together and maybe a couple of rhymes could be added in. Though this is entirely up to you, otherwise I saw no objective errors. I... mehr anzeigen

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Thank you hon. And I actually wrote this as a means for getting out my anger and frustration, that which was directed towards the boy in the poem/story. I'm not really one for writing stories or short stories. I prefer writing my pieces in poem form. A few of my pieces actually... mehr anzeigen


No problem and I understand, we all have our preferences.

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