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Real Love

(First start. Feed back encouraged(: ) Von:
Real Love
How do you know when what you feel is real love? And not just lust?
For Jenifer things never came easy. In her senior year at Oakland High, she is determined and focused on only school. Boys? She has had enough of. She's been through all the wrong relationships. She is simply not going to waist her time on a relationship that will only leave her heart broken and feeling stupid for thinking things would be different.
Bradley Walker, Senior at Oakland High. Totally gorgeous, a little arrogant and cocky; nothing a sweet girl couldn't fix in him. And does he have a thing for Jenifer Andrews?..... No, how could the star football player have any interest in a screw up nerd girl lie Jenifer?.... She has nothing to offer, but her look. Will Jenifer think this is lust?.... Or could it really be love?.....

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Nicely done....You have several ways in which you can go with this....Let me know when you have updated....

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Gelöschter User

Is it my lack of knowledge for English slang or did you include quite some spelling mistakes? Other than that your story has potential to become a perfect high school love story a la American Pie, maybe with a little less embarrassments :)

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antim abhay

wish u all the luck to complete your book.. one thing Id like to share.. divinity and lust are forever forbidden to meet says Danny Filth

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