When it Rains it Really Pours

or Just Another Rainy Day in Germany Von:
When it Rains it Really Pours
Congratulations to Germany!
1989-2009 :-)
(20 years Deutsche Einheit)

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Thanks for sharing your book about rain with the community of writers. I can appreciate what you mean about rain. Our yard looks like we have several small lakes in it from the rain.

I liked the raindrops you put on each page.

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Thank you for participating in our short
story writing contest "Travel Stories".

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network free literature on the internet...

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Here in Canada, especially Ontario, the cash out lane phenomenon is pretty much the same complaint. Where are all the cashiers that should logically be in place at the peak shopping time of the day? I swear the people who run these businesses are in business to piss off their customers...but then I suppose impatience never put a smile on anyone's face huh?

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