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A Misty Dawn

A Misty Dawn

Here it is! Book 3 of the wonderful Exciting Dragon Saga!

King Daniel and Sharayah’s lives could not be better. They have found hope and healing in their Misty-Dew-Drop. For their daughter Misty has become such a blessing to them. Pain is erased and in its place they hear her laughter…

The trolls however, need a Queen of their own to rule over them, and who will keep them from dying out altogether.

Will the new Troll Queen Sienna choose the path laid out for her, or will she seek another? If she does she may have to face the horror that the Lord so desperately wants to protect her from…

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The Exciting Dragon Saga!"
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1,99 US$
Dragons, Mystic stories, Trolls
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