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Sweetest Desire

Sweetest Desire
"You’re an impeccable creation. God himself could not have made a simple mistake. You could be every girl’s sweetest desire, but me… how could I be so lucky?"

Jenika, moves back to her hometown, where everything is exactly as she remembers but one, well two things are differnet and that is Alec and Alyshia.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "The Dreams"
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Sweetest Desire
love, desire, untruthful, ordinary, past lives
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You mentioned that the flow is off, well i kind of intended it to be that way, Jenika is a Senior in Highschool,her father is in the military so, she had moved. Now that she's back, her life is going hectic and chaotic. So, in return is her mind. Which is why my story is hard to follow, it's in the eyes of her, and soon, the eyes of others.

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This book is a work in progress. I'm stil currently working on it, but hopefully i will have all of the book on here before the end of summer, so if you're like me, when you go back to school in the fall you can have something to read during your free time on the computer. :) So, whatch out for the rest and let me know what ya'll think :)

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Nina Kari

this is actually pretty good. The flow is a bit off which makes it difficult to read but other than that its pretty good. at first it sounded like twilight but i cant wait to read more, you know to see where this is going :)

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this book is AMAZING! I can tell its ging to be better than twilight! :D

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