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Ai, Amor, Aloha

Ai, Amor, Aloha
Love stories come in small packages.
In the first story, he writes to her.
In the second, she writes to him.
In the third, they write to one another. The stories are unrelated yet intertwined and deal with longing, reminiscence, and thankfulness.

love, hawaii, aloha, travel, charger, birthday, music
Beiträge und Kommentare
Wichtiger Beitrag

sentence was this:

"the cool wall to my left such stark contrast to the furnace of your chest."

Lyrical and romantic.

Didn't catch the reference to comparing sleeping in a hotel over his/her own bed though... Care to enlighten me?

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Wichtiger Beitrag

Unique, Romantic, and Reflective. Loved the insinuations and possiblities that can come to life. But then again, may not. Somehow, though, I thought it was enough to let you wonder in "anticipation" and be thankful that you can.

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