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The Courtship of Lissa Howard

The Courtship of Lissa Howard

Two weeks after her eighteenth birthday Lissa's parents tell her something; she's arranged to wed.

Not wanting to be a pawn in her father's latest business merger, she plans to defy them; something she's never done. But then she meets her fiancé; he's handsome, charming, and willing to make a deal with her - he'll court her, on the condition that if she still doesn't want to get married by the planned date, or if she doesn't love him, he'll let her walk away.

She's not worried though - falling in love? Yeah right!

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Wichtiger Beitrag

I just love it even if it's not completed, but I do hope you'd continue this cause it's really a good story.♥

Wichtiger Beitrag

wow this is great! I totally love this story! I liked the part where you describe the dresses. You did a good job on that. but please please update soon!

Wichtiger Beitrag
Nina Kari

I'm becoming really fond of your style of writing. It's something I haven't come across on this site for a while. The grammar is almost perfect-from what I know- and the way you write is very good (for lack of a better definition). It's easily readable and it's just great. I'm really like your work dude, keep it up.

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