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(unfinished) Von:
Brianna is a Goddess who is left to care for Earth as her father, God, decides it is time for him to go. Bri must choose whether it is right for her to live on Earth as an angel and have someone else take her place, or whether she should stay and rule Earth like a proper Goddess.

Angel, Goddess, earth, war
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♣ Ordinarily Obscure ♣

It is the beginning that is most important. You have to catch their attention before they swim away. You, my dearie, did. I hope this recieves more hearts so I hope if it is okay to add this to my group "Underdog Books". My friend & I created this group for great books that do not receive many hearts.

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Katerina B. S

Thank you. :) I have yet to write. At the moment I am preparing World Domination for publication, but I can assure you that this book will be written. :)

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