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Bait: First Mission

Minotaur Von:
User: leynav
Bait: First Mission
Some will think, "Bait? Why that title?" Well I am going to tell you so here you go. Just so you know it does/will include language hat is probably not really suited to little ones.

Bait is about just that. Bait. You (The character) are bait for a secret group that works with the government. (I think still work in progress) You are not bait for the normal issues of the sector that you are in. You are bait for the , how would you say it, mythical creations(?) and well you learn that there is alot more to being bait then you thought.

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Bait"
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Bait: First Mission
Fiction, fantasy, love, romance
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I really enjoyed reading this story. Please write more!!! Can't wait! Good job!

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