Taken To Be Broken

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Taken To Be Broken

It was a cunning, dark and controlling romance.

Between two ruthless men and an ordinary girl.

Love can be a dangerous, sinister game.

But these men make it war.


Asmerelda was ordinary.

The world she lived was not.

[Rated R: read with caution - verbal and physical abuse, sexual content, violence, and cussing ]

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L︀o︀o︀k ︀a︀t ︀m︀e ︀n︀o︀w︀ ︀h︀e︀r︀e︀ ︀➞ WWW.DATE4FUQ.COM?_ebook-karah-may-taken-to-be-broken

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This is good stuff. I think you did an excellent job with the descriptive language. I could learn a few things from you.

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Wow, thank-you so much :)
That means a lot, thanks!

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L︀o︀o︀k ︀a︀t ︀m︀e ︀n︀o︀w︀ ︀h︀e︀r︀e︀ ︀➞ WWW.DATE4FUQ.COM?kq6628558041235_1415412400.4375030994

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