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Frigid Kiss Tears in Virgin's Breath

New Hampshire Winter Von:
Frigid Kiss Tears in Virgin's Breath
This entry for ‘Winter & poems’ explores my impression of New Hampshire winter which spans most of the year. Some imageries border facts but the collection is intended as an impression of New Hampshire Winter.

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NOW THIS IS WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!!! I've been reading through more and more books in this contest, and your writing has left me unsure of whether to continue breathing. Imagery, imagery, imagery. You've got the muse to conduct the winter as a symphony. A real, truthful meaning of what cold does to life, death, and the in between of youthful searches for harmonizing the human thought process. The spacing of lines back and... mehr anzeigen

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You have been very kind. I am grateful if you have enjoyed the ride along, on my New Hampshire Winter, rather an aspect of life’s winter. :-?

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