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Lipsy Challenges

Remembering the blissful moment of getting kissed - an eternal war of love to prove yourself that you know the tactics of lips to let your sweetheart surrender to you.

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Review - I love the flavor of India that you slip into this poem. "Tender fingers crushing tender betel leaves" gives me a feel and presence of your customs. You have a way of expressing the yearning of love in all of your writing. This poem is one of your best works yet. Great job, Kalai. Robynn

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This is a poem that makes you sigh and re-read it again. Well done and good luck.

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It is a beautiful poem about kissing.Juicy lips always express the emotion of love.It is one of the way to surrender your lover.

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L. Avery Brown

The secret is in the formatting! And apparently it's a very well kept secret, too! I've had to pull out my HTML coding book on occasion to be able to do a few things! But I'm sure as BookRix grows with true publishing, so too will it's editing abilities!

Avery. Good luck to ya!

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