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User: gooses
This book is about a soon-to-be-God that wants to rule the mortal and the Gods' worlds. But the Gods didn't like that he was acting selfish, so they take his powers away and send him down to Earth for one whole year. He falls in love with a young woman named Tiana, who doesn't like how he wants to rule the worlds. Soon, the Gods bring him back to Heaven and the top God is taken over by the guy that wanted to take over and causes chaos among the human world, making millions of people die. Will it be the end of the human race? Or will his love bring him down?

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I luv how u made a twisted plot instead of doing wat one might have expected. U have my vote. :)

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Not EXACTLY an end of the world story, but if we stretch the definition just a bit, it could qualify:)
My only question, Kaitlyn, is HOW did The Great One really take over the powerful mind of mighty Zeus? It would have given weight to the story had you added a page or two and showed the battle, or deception, or whatever...the plot device that could have been utilized.
Still, a good story!

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