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Im a teenage vampire

User: canopop1
Im a teenage vampire
Most teenagers have to deal with zits, school, boyfriend or girlfriend troubles, trying to live above the influence, or trying to live under the influence. Im one of those teens except I have to deal with trying not to suck my boyfriends blood or anyones else blood for that matter. Trying not to get discovered by the general public and to top it off I have to deal with a evil queen who want me and any who has anything to do with me dead and in case you havent guessed it im a teenage vampire and this is my story.

teenage vampire
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ok thank you for the advice im going to get right on that i was never very good with puncuation but thanks for the comment

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well it has potential even if it is very predictable, but you are missing a lot of punctuation and have made a lot of spelling mistakes. please fix the mistakes before writing on. they make it very hard to read

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