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User: book432
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A minut ago a coven of witches and warlords have just sumond a angel but they got the wrong one insted they got the daughter of one of the strongest angels and now all hells spawn are coming to get her its up to the witches to save her but one of the male witches gets a little to attached.

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i will kk ore ile go on spelling check so it is better

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I sooo was not that bad at spelling 0_0... wow. Oh and btw this is my new account. XD i wasn't been mean to someone else haha. This account is my old one and I am shocked at how bad my spelling was back then.

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about that i forgot to put it on word and het it checked out to see my spelling mistakes i normally do sorry i haven't got much time with school and all that but thanks i will improve it thanks for saying watt other people aint cus i wouldn't have realized other wise.

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