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Anger (Hell's Heaven #1)

On Hold. Von:
User: K. Green
Anger (Hell's Heaven #1)

*There is violence and strong language in this book, so I don't recommend it to people with weak psyche! You've been warned if you decide to keep going and read it.

You're doing it for your own risk.* 


Liese Amberley Jackson.
Is it still worth it to get my mother's killer? I suppose, yes? Everything is in the past, I can't bring her back from the dead. I'd really love one sweet revenge, like bombing their MC, but would I feel how I want to? Now when I think about it, I won't. I should get back to myself again. But the problem is I can't... it feels like I'm dancing with the devils.
Alexander Amer Fold.
My father didn't bring anything good in our lives, but death and threatens. He was part of a gang. I remember when we had shit loud of motorbikes waiting outside of our house for him. They followed us everywhere we went. I don't know if it was stalking or just protecting. I was scared, they had guns, knives, they always wear black... yet any Motorcycle club is chasing me... or i just go where they stay.

Two people from the same worlds meet, with bad memories..
For one MC is life, she doesn't care what people think about it, she grew up in it, even with all the sad moments she has been through.
For the other one is hell. Running trying to escape, not wanting to return, yet they reach him. Even if it's different Motorcycle Club, he can't stay away from them. 

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