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A Family Affair Von:
User: kcblaze
Meet the Bordeaux family, a sophisticated group with a long line of family pride and a family business to run. Julian Bordeaux is next in line to inherit the "greatest opportunity" of his life time which is to run his family's exporting company. However, he would much rather make his own way in the world. His cousin William masterminds a plan to help Julian do just that with as much malice and deception as necessary. Follow this family on an emotional journey of expectations, revenge, deception and tragedy.

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I liked it though chapter two seemed pretty long and a lot of the spacing was kind of off. Note that this is probably the BookRix text editors fault, but I still think you should fix it. Are you going to post more of it? And also you should try harder to get more people to read it, it deserves to be read.

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