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What Shall It Be?

Cards Or Chess, Vampire? Von:
What Shall It Be?
Aliette and Zachary met and became enemies over a game of chess. Being enemies, they paid no attention to each other's beauty, until Aliette was kidnapped and nearly raped to death. What was Zachary to do? Now that she has awakened, he realizes her beauty, but supresses it by becoming her mentor. When Ragnor, a full-fledged vampire, trades land for Aliette, and starts to seduce Aliette into being his mate, Zachary stands his ground, challenging Ragnor to a battle over Aliette. Big. Mistake. Will Zachary live to stick with Aliette, or will Aliette's heart be broken from a death of her first real love, along with the burden of a shocking secret?
**Includes Some Language***

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Continute writing this story along with the Perverted Series This book is great keep continuting~Thanks for readin! =)

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