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Love...Toxic...These Two Words Seem Oddly The Same Von:
"Roaming the night,
Waiting, Watching.
Intriguing the few males,
they see a goddess.
Dances with danger,
As the hell music becomes seductive and sure.
As Female, is clothed,
As goddess, Skyclad.
At Hell one way,
At Heaven another.
She: wants Mundane, Is Angelic, Will be Demonic.
This shall be the norm.
The Radiance surrounds strong,
pulls her own blood into bed.
This resurrected rose awaits her champions, her lovers, her mates.
In time her little ones shall come to be due."

Anastasia has no memory
prior to 14...Sound suspicious? Four nights now, Anastasia had seen the boy on her balcony. At first, she was afraid to tell her parents, thinking they'd assume she was seeing things, or worse, they'd worry about her. Who was this strange boy? Home-schooled and isolated, she soon finds herself in a new terror story: highschool. She soon meets Emmanuel, Juliet, And Luke, the sluts of the school. She suddenly is surrounded in the fiction she believed her whole life was fake...Vampires, Werewolves, Angels, Demons, Gods and Goddesses. Will she be able to find out exactly who she is, and make something out of her mixed up life? All Anastasia wanted
to do was get
married, and settle
down like any
normal mundie girl...But that's too hard when you've got about a thousand guys falling for you, and unwanted attention...

All Emmanuel could think about was Anastasia. He swore, her skin was so white and soft-looking, she could have been feathers rather than skin. Her curly hair, so red, just like flames, dancing in the wind. Her lips, they looked soft like a perfect pink shade of velvet. The most hypnotizing thing was her eyes. Those big, owl-like eyes. The first time he saw her, he wanted her. No, not for blood. he wanted her for...That was the part he wasn't sure about yet. The first time he saw her, Emmanuel almost went in the house. He wanted to kiss her that much. One thing for sure, if he couldn't have her, he'll protect her from any threat, even though the only notable threat is himself. Will they last long, or will anger, jealousy, and mistakes cause Anastasia to unveil her truth alone?

*Includes Foul Language*

Dieses Buch ist Teil der Reihe "Toxic"
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Love...Toxic...These Two Words Seem Oddly The Same
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Awsome.....hurry with the next book^-^* i am asuming Aniken is her bro? Update soon^-^

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Jesse Royal

Quick question. If luke was her brother techinally her brother took her virginity. Also seeing as Emmuanel is claiming luke to be his brother doesnt that mean he both did it with his sister and also had kids with her? Also your second book is not showing up. May i ask why? I find your story interesting and intruging. (About Toxic)

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Gelöschter User

Actually Luke didn't rape her. He was going to be Emmanuel stepped in right on time. Also I feel that almost anyone who ever been known to have lived in hell claims that Lucifer is there father. When he really isn't.
Its kind of like adoption. That man takes the place as your... mehr anzeigen

Dark Moon

Luke did not rape her, for Anastasia let him take her virginity to pay him back because he saved her from drowning in her pool.

Wichtiger Beitrag

You are a really good author,I am really inspired by this book,can't wait to read the second!

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