Driving Me Crazy

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Driving Me Crazy
When Peyton Wilson lived in Spring Creek and was a in middle school everyone made fun of her, they talked about her weight and called her mean names, so her parents moved away at the end of that school year. Four years later she is now 17 years old, and she is beautiful, all the guys at her old school wanted her.Her parents have died in a horrible car crash, and she now lives with her Aunt Stacy and her younger brother Jeffrey, she hates living with her Aunt because her Aunt lives in Spring Creek. All the people who made fun of her still lives there. When she gets back theres one boy in particular she remembers, Damian Richardson, he was the sexy bad boy who lived across the street, he was always the main one picking on her. She starts to like him and it drives her crazy. What will happen, will they become friends or will she always remember the times he picked on her.

Romance, Drama
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When u look at the dates at the bottom of the book it tells u when the author first started the book so if it says 2010-2015 it's probably finished or the author didn't want to finish it

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okay so the book is a little cringey at parts and the plot became dumb i really dont like this book.

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Dude WTF?!?! You never finish your books!!! Why would you start them and not finish?!?

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kindly update your book,please thanks! waiting what's gonna happen next.

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