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Brat for Life

army brat rain
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I can relate as I've moved around a lot. As an adult, it gets tiring to have to re-introduce oneself all the time.

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I am an Air Force brat. I feel your pain. though, I did see much of the world. My first husband was also Air Force and I spent many years waiting for him to come home from TDYs and combat situations. Good luck.

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Thank you for participating in our short story writing contest "Rain Stories".

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Was it your intention to write a personal biography? It would be the first to choose a genre other than fiction. The story was interesting but you need to re-organize your time shifts back and forth to keep from losing the sense of your tale. A chronological order of events would have more impact rather than jumping back and forth to make your point about how being an army brat is not all hearts and roses. An insider view has... mehr anzeigen

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