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Craig has reached his junior year at Buckton High, a small school in West Virginia, without making a single friend. But when a smart, rich kid named Quinton moves to Buckton from California, he reaches out to Craig. It seems too good to be true, that the most popular student at Buckton would befriend a troubled, shy nerd.

Quinton is exotic by Buckton standards, but there is something that cannot be explained by his California cool. Craig learns that Quinton can seemingly predict future events. Quinton reveals to Craig that he has a supernatural ability to save and load his life like a video game. He is bouncing back and forth in time in an effort to date the prettiest girl in Buckton.

Craig does not know it yet, but events are about to unfold at Buckton that will produce an unlikely hero and prove there are limits to Quinton's power.

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