And Atlantis had existed tomorrow

The legacy of time Von:
And Atlantis had existed tomorrow

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According to our general scientific knowledge, our history continues from the Egyptians up to us into the 21st Century recorded clearly and defined. Also, all scientific theories such as Einsteins theory of relativity enshrined and anchored fixed in the thoughts of our world.

But what happens, if all that would not agree so?

What happens, if the beginnings of our history would have proceeded differently in reality? If Atlantis, UFO's and the Greys would exist really, if behind our backs a monstrous power struggle throughout the season was going on, if the Greats of our governments have not always told us the truth, despite knowing better, if, for example, the Apollo Program had been carried on in secret, or the MiB's still exist there?

All these questions and possibilities, the author of this book like to try and clarify this with an imagination and a wealth of detail, over the scars damn close to reality!

All in all, a mix of Indiana Jones, SiFi, science fantasy and conspiracy theories of our modern time.

Get involved in an uncanny trip into time...

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Thank you for your heart for my novell "And Atlantis had existed tomorrow". And sorry for my bad English. But the novel is only merely passed through a professional translation program and then been corrected as far as my "school English" admitted. And unfortunately my native language is only German. And therefore I am looking for a more professional translation by a native English reader.

If you want to read more, here is the... mehr anzeigen

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Denn Atlantis war morgen. Das Vermächtnis der Zeit 2. Auflage Mit einer ganz normalen Familiengeschichte fängt es an... ein Wüstenabenteuer im alten Ägypten... ein Vorfall im Weißen Haus... ein Apollo-Raumschiff erkundet den Mond... ein Erzfrachter kehrt ...

Hi,if you free Could you Please take a look at Bella's book? And perhaps favorite IT? Would really appreciate IT. I/She Can do The Same for you :)


I have done so... and thank you for your heart.

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