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Half or more of this world knows what its like to not have a father around, even if he is still alive. Whether there was a divorce, he just left, or he was hauled off to jail this is how they are left feeling.

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Amazing poem

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I love hearing praise for my writing.
-me :-P

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You spelled "tosses" wrong again...

But... I still loved it, of course. it's almost scary how closely this relates to me and the last few years... It's like you took the words from my thoughts when you wrote this. But... Obviously you didn't. Love, love, love, love!
I'm still praying for your dad, that he turns his life around and becomes the man and the father that you guys all need. I also hope that, if that happens, your love will come back.

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not to be conceited but....hearing ppl comment on my books makes me feel sooooo good about my writing. so thx to u!!

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i loved this poem because it made me look at myself as a guy and look at what i've done in the past without looking at the consaquences. because your poem had the quality's to do this it made me more intrested and kept me reading. thank you for the upload it was a great read. :)

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