Mr.Rossi the Rooster

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Mr.Rossi the Rooster

This is the tale of Rossi,the farms favourite and most love rooster.The story starts with rossi as a eggling and his adventures  with his sublings.Rossi founds love and toggher they raise 12 new chicks.

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Shanlynn Walker

I adore the cover for this book, absolutely beautiful. The book was also quite a good children's book, makes something as mundane as chickens seem outright fascinating. Thanks for sharing!

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I`ve just read your story and I find it wonderful. It`s a super story for kids and they can learn a lot about young chickens. To my mind, drawn pictures would have done better, but it`s a well done work. Do you write your stories in cooperating with your daughter?
Much Greets

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Cute story.

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