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Homer the Helicopter Grand Canyon Adventures

User: juliegal
Homer the Helicopter Grand Canyon Adventures
A one of a kind tale of high-flying, rollicking misadventures!HOMER is an educational, aviation-oriented tale, even teaching how to pilot a helicopter. A hand-up book to teach children English language & vocabulary. This 72 page chapter book, w. 20 color illustrations,8 1/2"x11", delights ages 5-10, adults young at heart, and the flying community.
Homer, an emerald-eyed,little 'copter is "born" in the factory, and given to the wise Elsa to raise. But the mischievous Homer disobeys his mother by zigging and zagging in every direction. Elsa enrolls him in flight school, where instructor Hank teaches Homer the correct way to fly. Homer earns his wings, and becomes a touring helicopter at the Grand Canyon, taking children on rollicking, cliff-hanging rides! Homer's nemesis, Baldazar, the eagle, viciously attacks the 'copter. Homer is jealous of Baldazar's skills, and takes his controls away from Hank, following the eagle into the canyon's bottom. Homer and Hank suffer a horrifying crash in the raging river! Instructor Jennie ultimately meets the wrecked 'copter and has him repaired. Under Jennie's tutelage Homer matures, graduating into An Air Ambulance Chopper. - Danger, pitfalls, excitement and heartfelt love abound throughout this delightful, entertaining and educational chapter book.

helicopter, aviation, flying, flight, adventure
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JOE, thanks much for your comment! I'll read your story when I've a little more time.
HOMER book was self-published and came off the presses abt. July 2007. The biggest percentage of my sales are to resellers, i.e., aviation/pilot supply shops, flying & aviation museums, and the like.

Do you have any children or grandchildren between ages 6-10? HOMER is delightful reading for this age group, and adults young at heart, too.... mehr anzeigen

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That was a lot of fun!! Good story. You should have no problem selling this one.

Great characters and illustrations.
Joe Parente "White Down"

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Very cute, I love the cover illustration! :)


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