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The Secret of Zormna Clendar

Book One of the Martian Prophecies Series Von:
User: zormna
The Secret of Zormna Clendar

The secret it out. There is life on Mars. But Martians are not interested in taking over the world. Been there, done that.

In fact, when one comes to Pennington Suburb, lost and alone, no one suspects the girl is from this world--even though all the signs are there. After all, no one believed Zormna's crazy great aunt when she said she was a Martian, even after the FBI came to check her out before she mysteriously died.
But now the FBI are back and taking a hard look at Zormna, and the family that has her taken in has to wonder what is going on.
The first book of the Martian Prophecies series.

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Lavesh Gupta

Hello! I am Lavesh Gupta. I started reading your book because of it's catchy title. The title landed me to an oasis for a reader. A book so-well crafted was perfect for me. I do not regret, reading 14 chapters at one go. I am so amazed with this book. So, in order to honour you, I would like to write a blog post and a social-media shout-out to this 'wonderful book'. In order to do that . . . I would need the summary or a... mehr anzeigen

3 Kommentare
Lavesh Gupta

Can you help me please?


Sorry for not getting back to you. I am not much of a chatter in websites. Being concise isn't exactly my strong point, but let me see if I have already written a summary. I am not sure a complete summary would be a good idea, though. Stories need a bit of mystery.

Wichtiger Beitrag
Lavesh Gupta

Please write Chapter 12. I am dying to read it! Pleaseeeee!

2 Kommentare

I hadn't noticed I had skipped it. I'll upload it ASAP. Thanks for letting me know.


Ok, I checked it out. I actually called chapter 12 chapter 13. So there were 2 chapter 13's. It is fixed now.

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