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The Pantry Door

A Novel in the Hallowedspell Universe Von:
User: zormna
The Pantry Door

The pantry door is a passage between time and space, and Kathleen Nielsen finds it in the house her grandfather built.


A year after her grandfather's death, Kathleen(Katy) is still grieving the loss of more than just her best friend but also the innocence of her childhood. Her dream of becoming a great musician like her grandfather (the composer of the Pied Piper Symphony Peter Schmidt) has been altered by the harsh reality that the 'cool kids' were not into oboes and claranets. And to fit in to Jr. High without being beaten up, she has to give it up. But when she is goes too far and gets arrested for shoplifting, her mother sends her to stay with her grandmother in a town with one streetlight and hick punks rather than innercity bullies. Until she finds the pantry door, escaping is all that is on her mind. But when opening the door, the magic starts.

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