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Knight Stalker

A Hallowedspell Novella Vimp Novellas: Book 5 Von:
User: zormna
Knight Stalker

"What do you mean Spring Break is cancelled?!"


The entire school is in an uproar, including the normally rule abiding Eve McAllister. Everyone, including Eve, had been waiting excitedly for the week long vacation before Easter. Now it was gone, slipping from their grasps like sand.


As the students of Cliffcoast High plan an historic protest, a peculiar boy transfers in to spend the vacation with Mr. McDillan, Eve's creepy History teacher and former vampire hunter. Michael Toms.


Who is he? Why is he here during vacation when he ought to be on a beach somewhere? And who is that freaky guy in the shadows watching him? And why is Michael hiding a sword under that big coat of his?


Knight Stalker occurs a half a year after Eve McAllister discovered that she was not an ordinary girl, but a supernatural creature inclined to bite necks and cause mischief. However, Eve’s actual good nature leads her into fiascos almost worse than if she gave into her demonic appetites.

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