Her Perilous Wolf

A Hallowedspell Novel; Deacon Tales: Tale Fifteen Von:
User: zormna
Her Perilous Wolf

Audry Bruchenhaus (one of the biggest skeptics in the world) along with her cousin Vincent Williams, finally finds out that H. Richard Deacon III is a werewolf.

It shatters her world view so much that when her friend Juma Ajanlekoko contacts her, inviting her to help him fight poachers in Tazania, she runs off to Africa immediately. But it is a distraction from this and her failed PhD research. As for Vincent, now realizing the world is much more dangerous than he thought, he plows ahead with research to find the best way to protect his loved ones from the unseen world. He discovers help in the form of Michael Toms and Tommy Whitefeather of the SRA.


However Audry’s eyes are now wide open to the supernatural - as once the supernatural world takes notice of you and you can see it, it will never leave you alone.  This draws danger to her... which in Africa with its own supernatural beings... is perhaps worse than being close to an American werewolf. 


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