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Glitch 2084

User: zormna
Glitch 2084

Worker 7604 grew up with all the latest technological upgrades. She had a stable job, watched her favorite TV show, and... she was glitching. 


Welcome to the future, where all decisions are made for you by the programming in your system, wired into your body starting at birth. No more family stress. No more families. No more prejudice. No more free will either. And no more worries about fitting in, as there is a niche for everyone. The problem is, not everyone wanted to be fitted into these niches in the first place. And glitches were 'recycled'... which meant your apartment would soon be occupied by another, and your wiring would be melted down as scrap. 


But before Worker 7604 could be identified as a glitch, she was chosen by a few ingenious bio-hackers who could rewrite her programming and turn her into a virus which could bring down the whole system. 


Problem is, they didn't ask her permission. And she already unhappy enough. 

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