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Flight School

Martian Prophecies Prequel: Story Four Von:
User: zormna
Flight School

It is not easy growing up in a miliary school orphanage. Harder still if you are a Tarrn. And like in all schools, bullying is a problem. Children are, after all, the most vicious toward one another--especially when the teacher is not looking. 


Zormna Clendar is now eight. She proves to be brilliant, talented, and excruciatingly shy--a dangerous combination. But when a bully picks on her best (and only) friend she takes matters into her own hands and proves you don't mess with Zormna Clendar. 

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Oh no, this is depressing !

> the real problem: unequal distribution of the wealth created

To the modernist-nihilist haters of man's independent mind, unequal thinking
is a problem.


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