A HallowedSpell Novel; Deacon Tales: Tale Fourteen Von:
User: zormna

 All the research and footwork has finally paid off. Daniel Smith and Peter McCabe are getting close to finding the Patron Elf of the Holy Seven—as they need her help to find an end to Eve McAllister’s vimp curse. Both are in England, Peter going back and forth between London and Oxford in his research while Daniel is in Stratford-Upon-Avon making negotiations with another elf friend. The problem is that a local coven of witches may have set their sights on her, and are meddling in the Elf's affairs. And this particular elf is not one any person should mess with... for some elves were worshipped as gods in ancient days, and this one may have been the Eye of Ra with the powerful destrutive gift of blazing hot fire. 

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