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Martian Prophecies Prequel: Story Five Von:
User: zormna

Zormna Clendar is getting bored. 

Ahead of her class in her military school, Zormna is caught ditching lessons to play the handball game pronuk. And though her punishment is just, those that caught her gloated. And she just could not stand that.... 

And Zormna's prankish side comes out.


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When needed, absolutely!

Could Trump have simply decided to make an announcement that appeals to his
base? As a distraction from a wretched week of his problems? Without caring
about what a very bad idea it is?

Dear President Trump. Globalism has decidedly left the station. It isn't
coming back. Never will. It doesn't make sense for it to come back. (as any
intro economics text would clearly illustrate).

You just have to come up... mehr anzeigen

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