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Everyone told Kinneth Green that taking a job at ConoTech was a bad idea--his friends, his girlfriend, old acquaintences in the Junks, and the priests at the Stone Cathedral--but Kinneth could not resist. The opportunity to earn extra money was nothing to the chance that he could have a closer look at the infamous 'black widow' of New Escon City--Lady Madeline Connolly. It was rumored that she may have murdered her husband (and former CEO of ConoTech Industries). It was also rumored that she had purposely used illicit drugs so that her son would be born with birth defects (The child was born missing both his legs, his right arm, and a lung), and would have to live on a respirator for the rest of his life. Both father and son and disappeared over a decade ago. But even worse, some people claim that ConoTech is creating mind-control devices and putting them in their tech.

Kinneth is there to find the truth.

But Lady Madeline Connolly, who has a taste for young men, rarely lets go of anyone she has gotten her hands on--and Kinneth is now in her sights.

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