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Apocalypse Before Finals

Martian Prophecies Book 6 Von:
User: zormna
Apocalypse Before Finals

While their friends in their quiet American suburb are getting excited about Sadie Hawkins and Prom, Zormna Clendar is tired of waiting for when she can return home. News of the rebellion back in the underground city on Mars where she grew up is beginning to see real danger and she wants to help. But Jeff Streigle (AKA Jafarr Zeldar) is holding her back for her safety as well as keeping her for the opportune moment. His plan is to finish high school under the noses of the ever watching FBI and keep out of view of the People's Military of Arras. However, their return home is long over due and the prophecy Zormna must fulfill is close.

The sixth book of the Martian Prophecies Series.


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