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The Lock And Key Library

The Lock And Key Library
Under None Of The Accredited Ghostly Circumstances, And Environed
By None Of The Conventional Ghostly Surroundings, Did I First Make
Acquaintance With The House Which Is The Subject Of This Christmas
Piece. I Saw It In The Daylight, With The Sun Upon It. There Was
No Wind, No Rain, No Lightning, No Thunder, No Awful Or Unwonted
Circumstance, Of Any Kind, To Heighten Its Effect. More Than That:
I Had Come To It Direct From A Railway Station: It Was Not More
Than A Mile Distant From The Railway Station; And, As I Stood
Outside The House, Looking Back Upon The Way I Had Come, I Could
See The Goods Train Running Smoothly Along The Embankment In The
Valley. I Will Not Say That Everything Was Utterly Commonplace,
Because I Doubt If Anything Can Be That, Except To Utterly
Commonplace People--And There My Vanity Steps In; But, I Will Take
It On Myself To Say That Anybody Might See The House As I Saw It,
Any Fine Autumn Morning.

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Sydney, Australia

Tillerson gutted the State Dept. in unprecidented fashion. Whatever his
differences with Trump, I am not sure how anyone can consider him a ""grown-
up."" He was not remotely qualified to be SecState and incidently he has the
longest history of personal and business association with Putin of any high
profile American.


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