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Beatrice D'Este, Duchess Of Milan, 1475-1497

User: silviya
Beatrice D'Este, Duchess Of   Milan, 1475-1497

During the Last Twenty Years The Patient Researches Of Successive
Students In the Archives Of North Italian Cities Have Been Richly
Rewarded. The State Papers Of Milan And Venice, Of Ferrara And Modena,
Have Yielded up Their Treasures; The Correspondence Of Isabella D'Este,
In The Gonzaga Archives At Mantua, Has Proved a Source Of Inexhaustible
Wealth And Knowledge. A Flood Of Light Has Been Thrown On The History Of
Italy In the Fifteenth And Sixteenth Centuries; Public Events And
Personages Have Been Placed in a New Aspect; The Judgments Of Posterity
Have Been Modified and, In some Instances, Reversed.

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