The Blockade Runners (Illustrated)

The Blockade Runners (Illustrated)
The Blockade Runners is a translation of Les forceurs
de blocus (1871). The Blockade Runners, a novella, was included
along with A Floating City in the first english and french editions
of this work. This translation, which follows that of Sampson and Low
(UK) and Scribners (US) is by "N. D'Anvers", pseudonymn for Mrs. Arthur
Bell (d. 1933) who also translated other Verne books. It is also
included in the fifteen volume Parke edition of the works of Jules
Verne (1911). There is another translation by Henry Frith which was
published by Routledge (1876).

Both of these stories are about ships; Floating City about the
largest ship of the time, the Great Eastern, and Blockade Runners
about one of the fastest, the Dolphin.

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