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Well, It Doesn't Suck

Well, It Doesn't Suck

My name is Charlene Jordan, and I'm a high school senior. Something more bizarre than usual happened to me one Halloween, and it changed everything. I even started writing down stuff and that's what this is. My bizarre experience that led to an even more insane life than I was already living.


Did I mention my best friends were werewolves? No? Of course I did - just now.


Did I mention what I am? Heh-heh. Nope. You gotta read my story to get the answer to that one.

Werewolves, Teens, Cats, Random Vampires
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LOL, what fun! Now you have me chewing my nails wondering what's going on,lol!

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Haha! This was a short-story-writing challenge: write a short story in one hour while listening to a piece of classical music. I chose Beethoven's 5th Symphony, and just started writing - this is what came out, lol.

I'm not entirely sure what's going on myself, though. I'll have... mehr anzeigen

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Maria Thermann

I'd certainly like to find out about this Cat-business...but can we have this with far less hyphenated words, please, and less stuff in brackets. Very confusing to read and slows down the jokes. Which are not dog-eared or mauled at all given the over-popular topic of werewolves, but actually very good. Made me woof-woof out loud a few times.

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Talk about "were" and tear!

Maria Thermann

Just imagine the insurance mobile got mauled by a werewolf!


The insurance company would have to hire a were-gecko as competition for the car insurance guys!

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