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Meet The Family

Meet The Family

Martha hated Halloween - always had, too. But Santa Claus isn't the only one watching us, keeping score, keeping track. Someone is waiting for the right time to either treat...or trick.

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Liked interesting twist.

1 Kommentar

Thank you! I don't write a lot in this genre, so I really appreciate that you like it!

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AAWWEESSOOMMEE!!!!!!!!! I'm still chuckling loved it too!!!

2 Kommentare

Grin! Never thought I'd write anything in this genre, but I've discovered it to be a great deal of fun. And hey, thank you for taking the time to read so many of my stories - wow! You're a dear, you know that? Hug!

av8or2128 are most welcome Ms. Judy!

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Gelöschter User

sure to keep a flashlight handy. Your writing is excellent and all I can say is poor Martha.

With this story, you can say you're a horror writer, because it definitely sent a shiver down my spine..

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Spooky, spooky and definitely chilling. What do you mean you're not big on horror? You can write anything, dear Judy.

Did I read something of yours once about another lady in a house and someone at the door? Can't remember, but if I'm right, a bigger story of an insane woman who imagines all sorts, would be an idea, if you had the mind to delve further.

In any event, i loved this one. The tale was suitably subtle and the... mehr anzeigen

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Thank you, Val! This isn't really a genre in my "comfort zone," so I wasn't sure it was all that effective. But once again, your kind feedback made me smile, and the encouragement is greatly appreciated!

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You scared the crap out of me with this one, Judy. I could so totally relate to poor Martha. I usually go out on Halloween, or turn off the lights and go to bed early....hoping the little darlings will not trek into the back where my house is located.

I am still shaking with are amazing.

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