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Growth Spurt

Growth Spurt

For the Very Short Story Contest.


As any parent knows, children grow so much faster than seems reasonable. One minute they're learning to walk, the next minute they're asking for the car keys.

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I think Ernest Hemingway is smiling. It truly is amazing that your talent appears to be limitless. I think that I will make it a goal to read all of your works. Be blessed, Danny....

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Oh, my! That's quite an undertaking! I'm honored, truly. Thank you so much - you've just given my confidence a much-needed boost!


I think that you are a symbol of what BookRix should ultimately be about. Have a great weekend, Danny...


That' - thank you. Hope your weekend is blessed and great, too. ')

Wichtiger Beitrag

Thanks, Barry - sorry I'm just getting back to you now. I didn't see this until a few minutes ago (for some reason, I no longer get notifications of comments on my work...weird). Yeah, it's that whole "Sunrise, Sunset" thing that few people see until they either get older or have kids. The most startling realization I've had about the time phenomenon is that I'm still only 17 in my head. We won't talk about my physical age... "D

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and still don't comprehend it.

The time passage, not your story.

Yours is just great.

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