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Four people confined to a cabin by something that went horribly wrong with the world. With the future quesionable at best, survival, in the end, was a decision.

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(°ᴗƪ) ➜ ︀↪ WWW.FANTAZM.ONLINE?_ebook-judy-colella-decisions

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Whenever I read your work I am reminded of a true "passion" for craft...You have an amazing ability to tell stories that "engage " the reader from beginning to end.
Although we have just started on this journey I look forward to all the trials/tribulations of the characters.

I think the "maestro" of BookRix has

done it again....You have crafted another work sure to captivate, thrill,
and shock...Looking forward to the next... mehr anzeigen

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Again, thank you for your encouraging, inspiring comment! I enjoy your work as well - did you see the comment I left yesterday? It was for "Hello...Goodbye."

Keep writing, please. Your style is unique and hits the mark every time.


I always look forward to your timely commentary.....The most uplifting part of BookRix allows writers to grow by getting "feedback" from fellow artists...
Your critique of Hello...Goodbye really inspired my muse....The "higher" power allows my muse to be a "vehicle" for the... mehr anzeigen


The same to you, my friend.

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