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On the surface, Tosca, Shadow, and Niam seemed not too unlike the other teens in their high school. But when confronted with the usual drama, they reacted in ways that made them beyond different, beyond, comprehensible...and beyond cool. Who were they? And why, after a while, were the school's security officers starting to watch them so closely?

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i don't normally read sci-fi but as usual you suprise me. May you plz update, it was just starting to get interesting.

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Thank you! Actually, I have written more, I just haven't posted it, but I will do so as soon as I get a few minutes. And thanks again for your kind comment! Wow! ')

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Gelöschter User

I love it, I really do! It's awesome, and epic!! Anyway, can you update it? If you don't mind that is!!

Gelöschter User

Just read it, and I'm finished!!


Awesome! Hope you liked it. In the next chapter, they start at their new school - these first two chapters were kind of a back-story so you'd know who they were and why they're so different.

Gelöschter User

Oh okay!!

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