Body Language

Avoid Miscommunication, Improve Personal Relationships, and Learn to Read People (Volume 1,2, and 3) Von:
Body Language

This title contains a combo of 3 books, namely:


Book 1: If you’re looking to boost your social skills, then this is the right book.


If you want to learn more about nonverbal communication, then this is the right book.


If you’re open to learning more about flirting, communicating with colleagues, etc. then this is definitely the right book.


There are a lot of other reasons to get this book. You will discover more differences between extroverts and introverts, how some are more into listening and others are more into visuals, and so many more things. So don’t wait. Enlighten your mind with this great source of information.



Book 2: Why are so many people so bad at listening? Or am I just a complainer? Well, the truth is, it’s become harder and harder for people to pay attention. Social media, technology, and our fast-paced society have all contributed to that.

In this guide, we’ll address the problem, as well as some hardcore tips and suggestions to help you become a better listener and likable communication guru. Other than that, we’ll show you the ropes of seeing through someone’s nonverbal messages, body language, negotiation tactics, sales techniques, flirtatious moves, and much more. Body language is at the root of most of what we’re actually saying, even though it doesn’t always appear that way.


Last but not least, you’ll find out how to use small talk, become more social, and eliminate some social anxiety or awkwardness you might have. Even when you think you’re doing pretty well, you could still use some of this advice. So don’t stall and get to it! We’ll see you inside the book.



Book 3: This guide is perfect for understanding more about body language, eye contact, and all those hidden messages that aren’t coming out of your mouth.


People reveal a lot just by the way they move their eyes, the subtle cues they show, and the way they move. Adie from that, we’ll look into the differences of male and female communication, how to analyze your audience when you’re talking to people, and how to become more extroverted (if that’s what you want).

Last but not least, this book shows a tip of the iceberg of theories from Jung and Freud, and the famous social learning theory that has often been challenged. All these things can help you understand yourself, human interaction, and the personality of others better. So don’t wait and begin reading or listening to this book now!


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